Garnier Ultra Doux Smoothing Coconut 3-in-1 Hair Food is a transformative hair care solution specially formulated for frizzy hair. Infused with the nourishing properties of coconut, this versatile formula offers a triple-action treatment for your hair. Firstly, it functions as a smoothing shampoo, gently cleansing and taming frizz. Secondly, it doubles as a deep conditioning mask, providing intense hydration and nourishment to reduce frizz and promote softness. Lastly, it works as a leave-in conditioner, creating a protective barrier against humidity to keep your hair smooth and manageable throughout the day. Embrace the power of coconut and bid farewell to frizz with Garnier Ultra Doux Smoothing Coconut 3-in-1 Hair Food for a truly nourished and polished look. *THIS PRODUCT IS CURRENTLY UNAVAILABE, PLEASE REQUEST THE PRODUCT AND IT WILL BE DELIVERED TO YOU AS SOON AS POSSIBLE*

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